Late last month, a man named Mike Wolfersperger answered his door in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and a 22-year-old named Roy Kincaid asked if he could use the phone . . . then asked if he could sleep on the front PORCH for the night.

Well, Mike realized something was off about Roy, so he asked him to leave, and locked the doors. (We're not sure how old Mike is, but he looks like he's in his 60s.)

And here's how Roy responded: He STRIPPED NAKED . . . held a BOX CUTTER to his own throat . . . walked around to the back . . . and used a ladder to break through a sliding glass door.

By that point, Mike and his wife Shirley had gone to their bedroom and called police. And when they showed up, they found Roy on the kitchen floor, completely naked . . . sucking his THUMB . . . and eating from the CAT FOOD bowl.

Then he apparently stood up and came towards the cops, so they tased him. So far, it's not clear if Roy was ON something or if he was having some sort of mental episode. But he's been arrested for drugs in the past.

This time, he was booked on charges of burglary and indecent exposure. Meanwhile, Mike says he and his wife were just BAFFLED by the ordeal.

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