On Tuesday, at a Ramen take-out place in Narita, Japan, 41-year-old Shouichi Ishii walked in, pulled out a giant KNIFE, and demanded everything in the cash register.

And what was the FIRST thing at least two of the customers in the restaurant did? They took cell phone photos and TWEETED about the robbery.

Fortunately, SOMEONE decided calling the cops was more important than tweeting.

Ishii got about $2,500 . . . but the cops grabbed him in the parking lot. He was arrested, and no one was hurt.

A lot of people online are shocked someone would live-tweet a robbery instead of calling the cops, but think about it: Tweeting the photo instantly communicates the crime to a lot of people.

And it's also easier and less dangerous than making a PHONE CALL when a robber with a giant knife is five feet away. Plus, why does more than one person have to call the police?

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