Last week, 30-year-old Leon Smith of London, England was asleep and felt some NUZZLING on his neck. He assumed it was his girlfriend.

But it wasn't. She'd already woken up and gone to work. And she'd been replaced in bed by . . . a WILD FOX.

The fox had crawled through their doggy door, and apparently decided to cuddle in bed.

Leon realized he was all spooned up with a fox when he reached back and expected to touch his girlfriend . . . but touched FUR. He immediately woke up and jumped out of bed.

After about a 10-minute standoff . . . where Leon took a photo of the fox with his phone . . . the fox ended up leaving the bedroom and Leon chased it out of the house.

He and his girlfriend say they're going to seal up the door so animals can't sneak in anymore.

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