NO drug makes people do more effed up stuff than BATH SALTS. It turns them into some mix of a zombie, a tornado, and Godzilla. On Wednesday, 23-year-old Sean Carnell of Meridian, Idaho went on THIS rampage on bath salts . . .

  1. Around 9:30 A.M., he punched a 15-year-old boy and stole his skateboard.

  2. He attacked a guy on a bicycle and knocked him out.

  3. He confronted a 10-year-old walking a dog and KICKED THE DOG.

  4. He walked over to a construction site and hit a worker with a shovel.

  5. He forced his way into an apartment and tried to strangle a random 36-year-old woman. Her daughter and daughter's boyfriend got him out.

  6. He walked onto the street and pushed over a guy in a WHEELCHAIR.

  7. He started throwing rocks at a woman's house and broke several windows.

And then, FINALLY, a bunch of guys from the construction site caught up with him and chased him until the cops got there. The entire rampage took just 90 minutes. The cyclist and construction worker are still both in the hospital.

Carnell was hit with ELEVEN charges, including five felonies. They range from assault and battery to cruelty to animals and kidnapping.

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