The lion is one of the more recognizable animals on the planet. Which is why this is just flat out ridiculous.

A zoo in eastern China is scrambling to explain why their African lion doesn't actually LOOK like a lion. And the short answer is . . . because it's a DOG.

Visitors to the zoo started complaining when they saw the lion in question . . . which was actually a Tibetan mastiff that KIND OF looked like a lion. And they became even more suspicious when it started BARKING.

At first, the zoo tried to explain it away. Officials claimed the REAL lion was at another zoo breading, and the dog was just staying in its cage for a while.

The problem is, they were ALSO trying to pass off another dog as a wolf . . . a white fox as a LEOPARD . . . and two rodents called coypus as SNAKES.

No word on how they plan to explain the OTHER bogus animals.

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