Over the weekend, 21-year-old Taylor Harris and his parents, 52-year-old Leonard and Mary Harris, were visiting Orlando from Mississippi. And on Sunday night, they were eating dinner at a Dave and Buster's.

Leonard was getting texts all throughout the meal. Finally, Taylor confronted him about the texts . . . figured out that the texts were from ANOTHER WOMAN . . . and realized his dad was CHEATING on his mom with the woman who kept texting.

He got upset and went outside, but his dad followed him into the parking lot. They yelled at each other . . . and Taylor took a SWING at his father for cheating on his mother.

The punch landed . . . but unfortunately Leonard fell backward, hit his head on the concrete, and stopped breathing.

Paramedics came and were able to resuscitate him, but he's still hospitalized in critical condition. And Taylor is in jail, being held without bail for aggravated battery.

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