A 37-year-old woman from outside Atlanta recently went to get her license renewed, and found out she was officially a MAN . . . according to the state of Georgia anyway.

Her name is Nakia Grimes, and because of a new law, she was required to present a birth certificate to renew her driver's license. She didn't have it, so she went to the hall of records to get a copy.

But when they gave it to her, she noticed the wrong box was checked...and she was listed as a baby BOY.

She told someone about the typo, but instead of fixing it, they said she'd have to PROVE she was a woman . . . by having her nether region examined and getting a notarized DOCTOR'S note.

Instead of doing that, Nakia told the local news about it. And eventually, records officials were able to verify she wasn't a man . . . after they found her SON'S birth certificate, where she's listed as the mother.

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