In West Sussex, England, a man named Murdo Guy wanted to sell his beat up Mercedes. And he decided his best bet would be . . . targeting CHUBBY CHASERS.

In the past, people have gotten attention for their eBay auctions by having their HOT girlfriends pose with their stuff. Murdo's girlfriend isn't hot in the traditional way . . . but she's GORGEOUS to those of us who love DELICIOUS CHUBBIES.

So Murdo had his girlfriend Camilla pose with his dented, rusted, scratched Mercedes. In one photo, she's sitting on the hood. In another, she's curled up in the trunk. And she seems like she's having a great time in all of them.

And the strategy seems to be WORKING. Even though the car has 160,000 miles and a ton of damage, the bidding is up past $240,000...which is at LEAST 10 times the value.

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