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    Tony V's Bio Favorite Artist: 80's Michael Jackson, 90's NWA, Dre, Cube and Snoop Right Now: COLBY O'DONNIS......LOL YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like Kanye, Common and Skillz

    Can You Speak another language: Spanich and Englich

    Most Memorable Experience in Radio: Wow I have a few. I guess the one that stands out the most is when I first started doing "on air" weekends while working in promotions. People like you, would come up to me at different times in the week, and at different areas in the Mile High to just give me and KS1075 props. You would say "I heard you on the radio " or "your funny". or you wanted to know about a station promotion, or what was Larry Ulibarri really like. It was moments like those, I realized how many of you listening were not only fans, but family. THANK YOU.

    Things you love best about Colorado: The city life and yet, getting away to the mountains. The Broncos, Nuggets, Rockies and Avs and yet watching my own kids do their thang. Hangin out at a SOLD OUT SUMMER JAM with you all and yet chillin at home with my own family.


    Shoutouts: The KS1075 staff: Cat Collins (Thanks for helping me get to the next level bro. Can I get a raise please) John E, Kage (I came to realize you and I have alot in common, thanks for the talks bro. Can you ask Cat if I can get a raise please) Larry Ulibarri (My Big bro. If larry says your cool, everybody likes you) KATHIE J (seat warmers. I just love those things) Kendall B (idude, we have been neighbors for almost two years, when we gonna hook up and BBQ) Dreena (dude you been in Dtown for over two years, when we gonna go over Kendall B's house to eat his BBQ) KATIE (thanks for the what's up memories) Chonz (My lil bro, RADIOBUMS FOR LIFE!!! You're doing a good job bro, keep up the good work) Slim (your really down to earth bro. thank you) My lil big brother Burhmgotti (thanks for the time bro. you have come a long way. More great things are in your future) Aldo (what can I say you took me in since day one and taught me a great deal. Thank you) Dizzy D (thanks for having my back bro) Arich (you are growing son keep pressin) To the Hottest DJ's in the Mile High City DJ Amen, DJ Sounds Supreme and Dj Mantis (thanks for holding it down you make us look real good) To all my friends and family who have supported me from day one. Last but not least.....SHOUT OUT TO YOU THE FANS!!!!! WITHOUT YOU, I CAN'T BE ME!!!!!! THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS.



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