Judge Joe Brown Is On One!!!! (VIDEO)


Judge Joe Brown steps up to some young hot ladies and proceeds to talk all kinds of PIMPIN’!!

LMAO here are the top Quotes from the vid:

  1. When a bystander says “Not guilty Judge..” “F*k that s*t. I did that s*t 20 years ago. I do not do that bulls*t anymore.”
  2. “You talking about an olllld man, who’s a baadddd motherfu**er”
  3. After hugging two women…”Make an old man feel like a goood motherfu**er”
  4. Tells a girl she’s bonafied “LTYJ” a “luscious. tender, young, juicy.” “Pretty women are insecure…like this one and that one..”
  5. On if he would look a bystander out if he was his judge: “I aint playing a judge. I am playing his fu**ing lordship. Come forth peasants…”