VIDEO : Lamar Odom , Shirtless, Drunk , an Rapping about bieng on the DL!

So obviously this video is old but the fact that it was even made SCARES ME LOL. Here you see Lamar Odom rapping shirtless with a Friend an they are mumbling so badly its def hard to keep up but one of the key things EVERYONE caught in his weird Freestyle was the Line

" An When Khloe is out of town, I be on the DL"

UMMMM.YEA what does that MEAN LAMAR ?!?!?!?! either way peep the insanely weird Video below an For Full story go to This is a link to

Lamar Odom Cracked Out Rap Video -- I Cheated on Khloe Kardashian - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe

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