Love Your Heart + Enter to Win a $200 Restaurant Gift Card


February is the month of love and Kathie J along with the American Heart Association want to remind you to Love Your Heart! The American Heart Association estimates that 80% of all cardiovascular disease may be preventable, and it’s always better to prevent it than treat it after it becomes life threatening. Getting to “Know Your Numbers” is an important and great step to achieving ideal heart health. It’s knowledge that could save your life. Knowing these numbers can help women and their healthcare provider determine their risk for developing cardiovascular diseases. The importance of simply knowing your numbers is taking the first step to ideal cardiovascular health. Click Here to Download Your Well-Woman Visit Checklist. Enter to win a $200 restaurant gift card below! 

  • Five numbers, that all women should know to take control of their heart health are:
    • Total Cholesterol
    • HDL (good) Cholesterol
    • Blood Pressure
    • Blood Sugar
    • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Risk Factors you can control
    • blood pressure,
    • smoking,
    • cholesterol,
    • lack of regular physical activity
    • nutrition
  • Risk Factors you can’t control
    • age, gender, and family history
  • One of the best weapons against heart disease is to get to it before it gets to you. Early detection can make all the difference in a successful battle against the No. 1 killer of women.
  • Schedule your Well-Woman Visit with your health care provider. This annual check-up gives your doctor the chance to spot the signs of heart disease while there’s still time to take necessary steps to conquer it.


Contest Date Range: Wednesday, Feb 8th 2017 11:00am - Sunday, Feb 26th 2017 11:45pm