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A Guy Takes One Day Off Work and Gets Busted for Stealing $1.2 Million Worth of Fajitas?

October 18, 2017

 This guy picked the worst possible day to take off work . . .Gilberto Escamilla handled food deliveries for the kitchen at a juvenile detention center in Brownsville, Texas.  And in August, he took a day off for a doctor's appointment. But while he was out, they got a call from a food company they work with.  It was about 800 pounds of fajitas that were supposed to be delivered.  But the person handling Gilberto's calls didn't know what they were talking about. They said the kitchen didn't serve fajitas.  But the food company said they'd been delivering them for NINE YEARS.  So everyone was confused, and they started looking into it. It turns out Gilberto had been stealing EVERY SINGLE ORDER of fajitas for almost a decade.  And he had a side business where he resold them to people in the area.When they added it all up, he'd stolen more than $1.2 MILLION worth of fajitas over the course of nine years.  The facility had consistently been over-budget, and no one could figure out why.  THAT was why. They promptly fired him when he showed up for work the next day.  Then police found a bunch of fajitas in his fridge when they searched his house.  He was arrested last Tuesday, and he's facing felony charges for first-degree theft. 

(Brownsville Herald)