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The 21 Ways We Try to Make Up After Lovers' Spats 

August 9, 2017

While men might offer sexual favors or buy flowers, women are more likely to turn on the waterworks or bake their partner a cake. Females are also more inclined to talk through a problem to try to resolve it.
Here are 21 ways that men and women attempt to patch things up after a fight:


1- Gifts
2- Compliments
3- Say yes to anything/ give in
4- Give each other space
5- Spend time together
6- Wait for partner to apologize
7- Make them laugh
8- Argue
9- Sex/sexual favors
10- Drink alcohol
11- Take the blame


12- Forgive partner
13- Ignore or avoid partner
14- Communicate
15- Compromise
16- Pretend that nothing happened
17- Involve a friend
18- Cook or bake for partner
19- Show affection
20- Apologize
21- Cry