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OMG: She Stole What From Drake? Chris Brown Legal Troubles and Blanket Jackson

April 18, 2017

Strangest robbery ever! Some chick broke into Drakes house and only stole water and soda. Her entire cost of her thievery totaled $10 of Fiji water, Sprite and Pepsi. She told police she had permission to take it but Drake said, I don’t know her. If you’re going to break into someone’s house and steal something, you might want to make it worth it because you’ll get caught. She faces a felony because authorizes said it doesn’t matter if she stole thousands of dollars, jewels or sodas breaking and entering is still a felony. CLICK HERE for more

Chris Brown has bigger problems to worry about other than who might be cup caking with Karruche…  Remember when Brown supposedly beat the breaks off a paparazzi? Well they guy is suing he tells TMZ, I was just doing my job and suing is just the start. CLICK HERE for more

Michael Jackson’s son Blanket is now 15-years-old and is reportedly living alone in his mansion in LA. Wendy Williams asked a question to her audience; she said, do you think you could raise yourself at 15 years-old if you were him? My answer is, anyone can raise themselves with Jackson money honey! I will hire parents if I need it and a chef to teach me how to cook, a cleaning specialist to teach me how to properly clean, a stylist to dress me you know what I’m saying. His guardian Grandma, Katherine Jackson is overseas with Janet right now seeing her new grandson. CLICK HERE for more