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‘Black Panther’ Has Record Breaking Opening At Box Office 

The Marvel superhero flick took in $192 million which is the biggest February opening ever and the fifth-highest-grossing debut ever. “Peter Rabbit” remained in second with $17.3 million while last weekend’s top movie “Fifty Shades Freed” fell to third with $16.9 million. Top 10 1. “Black Panther... Read More

Drake Donates Nearly $1 Million For 'God's Plan' Music Video

Drake gave away almost $1 million of his music video budgets for his Number 1 single, “God’s Plan.” The video’s caption reads, “We gave it all away. Don’t tell the label.” In the video, Drake goes around Miami giving cash stacks to grateful families, signing massive checks for public services,... Read More

Cardi B Isn’t Talking Pregnancy 

Cardi B's not ready to say if she's pregnant, but she's also not gonna say she isn't. Over the weekend she was asked about being pregnant and she waved off any talk about babies. Cardi also posted a vid of herself dancing in a bra and sweats Friday and she doesn't look 3 to 4 months pregnant like... Read More
File photo dated 20/2/2013 of Frank Ocean

LISTEN: Frank Ocean Drops Breathtaking Cover of 'Moon River'

Is it just us, or is everything Frank Ocean does just fire. For real though, just straight FIRE! Everything. Like, the guy could be sing the phone book and we'd all be hooked. You know you would! Leave it to the modern-day Frank Sinatra , mixed with a little Anita Baker and a splash of D'Angelo to... Read More

A Debate About How to Brush Your Teeth Has Rocked Twitter... Allegedly

Twitter user @envyteeee set things in motion when she asked her followers, “Do y’all wet the toothbrush first, or put toothpaste on first?” People quickly chimed in with their comments: “I put toothpaste on first.” “I wet the toothbrush but I squeeze the toothpaste on my tongue.” One person’s... Read More

Nelly Claims He’s Innocent Of Sexual Assaults

Nelly’s speaking out for the first time about the sexual assault allegations and he claims the headlines are unfair to him. He was on his way to catching a flight out of LAX when he said, “I’m innocent.” Nelly also talked about how the story’s been covered and he feels his accusers are getting way... Read More

Tee Grizzley Interview w/ Rosa

Rapper Tee Grizzley stops by the studio & breaks down his song lyrics with Rosa, gives us an exclusive date on when his album drops, plus shares the craziest thing he's ever signed! Video of Tee Grizzley Interview w/ KS1075 Read More