KS1075 is available on your Android handset. Just download the KS1075 app from the Android Market!

To download, search for "KS1075" from within the Android Market!

The KS1075 Droid app is universally available with no carrier limitations that we set, but *some* carriers & plans (AT&T, most notably) do limit your access to apps that consume lots of bandwidth. The only limitation we set is for Operating System - if your are on a V1.5 or lower OS, the app won't appear (and wouldn't work anyhow... 1.5 doesn't support streaming).

If you are having problems finding the KS1075 Droid app in the Android Market, it could be because you have an older phone with OS1.5 or lower, you have an AT&T Backflip - which has app limitations inherent from AT&T or you have an account that is blocking you from using apps that require constant internet connections. Please check with your carrier to see if your plan can support the KS1075 Droid app.

For any EVO users who got the 3.70.651.1 update recently pushed by Sprint... this update changes the Android platform to proxy all HTTP traffic on Sprint's CDMA data network through a broken proxy on Sprint's which breaks Radio and many other media streaming apps.

We have been in contact with Google, HTC, & Sprint regarding the issue. In the meantime, streaming should continue to function properly over wifi networks.

For those of you who have rooted phones or know the MSL (Master Subsidy Lock) code for your phone, you can unset the "http pd proxy host" in your ##data# menu. 

Here's the fix:
1) Dial ##3282# 
2) Choose Edit Mode
3) Enter MSL (you can get this by calling Sprint if your phone is not already rooted)
4) Choose Advanced 
5) Change HTTP PD Proxy Port to: 0 
6) Change HTTP PD Proxy Address to: