12/22 - Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado


On Sunday, December 22nd, 2013 Executive Director Gail Punsac from the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado and 17yr old Brandon joined host Kathie J to discuss epilepsy and living with it. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder and over 50,000 children and adults in Colorado live with epilepsy every day. Epilepsy is not a genetic disorder and doctors do not know why people get epilepsy. Sometimes a seizure can just be blank starring, or it can be convulsions. Anyone from birth to senior citizens can have seizures. Many children in school have the blank starring and they get misdiagnosed as "day dreaming" or "not focused". Parents should talk to their doctor about it. Adults need to let their co-workers know what to do for them if they have a seizure during work. 1 in 26 people will be diagnosed. We all must be on the lookout for symptoms of ourselves or our loved ones to get diagnosed. Get more information today at www.epilepsyfoundation.org.  Listen to some of the interview now!

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