12/29 - Colorado Tobacco Education and Prevention Alliance


On Sunday, December 29th, 2013 host Kathie J was joined by Bob Doyle, Executive Director of CTEPA, the Colorado Tobacco Education and Prevention Alliance. In children aged 18 months or younger, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports secondhand smoke exposure is responsible for an estimated 150,000–300,000 new cases of bronchitis and pneumonia annually. Using a fan or blowing your cigarette smoke in a different direction does not get rid of the exposure to second hand smoke. Second Hand smoke might be invisible but it carries just as many dangerous chemicals as first hand smoking. Chemicals can stay in clothing and hair as well. While quitting is best, CTEPA recognizes that it is an addiction and can require many attempts before finding success. They want parents who smoke to be empowered to know there are ways to protect their kids from secondhand smoke, even if they’re not yet ready to quit. Get more information and debunk the smoking myths at www.IamASmoke-FreeZone.org. Listen to a portion of the show right now!






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