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We came across a list on the dating site YourTango.com about favorite foods.  And it's so dumb, we just have to share it.  According to . . . WHOEVER . . . here are nine popular foods, and what they supposedly say about your sex life.



#1.)  Pizza.  It means you're, quote, "flexible when it comes to positions."  But you prefer being on top, because you, quote, "like to be active."


#2.)  Chinese Food.  It supposedly means you're adventurous in the sack, and you're, quote, "all about being an acrobat in your sex life."  

If you prefer sushi, they say it means you like things "raw and spicy."


 #3.)  Tacos.  It means you can never decide what you want in bed.  And you're a tease, because you, quote, "have a tendency to start things, but not finish them."


 #4.)  Burger and Fries.  If it's your favorite, it means you're not easily satisfied when it comes to sex.  And sometimes you even prefer SELF-loving.


#5.)  Falafels.  Supposedly, it means you're "daring and free."  And one of your fantasies is to do it in public.


#6.)  Pickles.  If you like WHOLE pickles, it means you're a GIVER when it comes to going DOWNTOWN.  If you prefer SLICED pickles, it means you hate it.


#7.)  Ice Cream Sundaes. They say it means you like getting what you want, so you like to be the dominant one in the bedroom. 


#8.)  Escargot.  a.k.a., snails.  If it's your FAVORITE, it allegedly means you're open to almost ANYTHING in bed.


#9.)  Macaroni and Cheese.  It means you prefer "simple" positions, because you like being as comfortable as possible.

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