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Sure, war and famine are terrible . . . especially if you live in a Third World country where they're a reality.  What about the irritating things we deal with in the so-called 'First World'? 

According to a survey by UNICEF in New Zealand, here are the 10 biggest "first-world problems".   

#1.)  Slow internet access:  80% of people complained about it.
#2.)  Not being able to find something at the supermarket:  65%.
#3.)  Bad-tasting fruit, like mushy apples:  55%.
#4.)  Getting a bad haircut:  42%.
#5.)  When the TV remote stops working:  36%.
#6.)  Having to move around to get a wireless signal:  34%.
#7.)  The barista screwing up your coffee order:  31%.
#8.)  Not having access to e-mail or the Internet:  31%.
#9.)  Uncomfortable couches:  21%.
#10.)  Not being able to win a game on your phone:  21%.

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